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Revvity’s EUROIMMUN Spearheads Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Analysis with New Automated IIFT System


The UNIQO 160 allows labs to perform fast, high-quality image capture and analysis to deliver timely, more reliable results

Revvity, Inc. (NYSE: RVTY), announced today that its EUROIMMUN business has launched the UNIQO 160 (CE-IVDR), an automated indirect immunofluorescence test (IIFT) system for autoimmune disease diagnostics. Now available in countries accepting the CE mark, this all-in-one solution increases the efficiency of the entire IIFT process, encompassing sample preparation, incubation, washing and mounting of slides as well as image acquisition and analysis.

“Traditional IIFT processing can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring the expertise of specially trained lab technicians and a dark room,” said Dr. Bianca Huth, chief technology officer of EUROIMMUN. “The design of the UNIQO 160 system and technologies built into it alleviate laboratories of many common challenges by reducing hands-on time and creating efficiencies through end-to-end automation.”

Automation from Sample to Result

The UNIQO 160 integrates a fully automated processing system and high-quality microscope in a single benchtop device that can be seamlessly integrated into existing diagnostics laboratory workflows. Capable of processing 160 primary samples and 18 slides per run, the UNIQO 160 automatically identifies individual samples, reagents and slides loaded into the system by barcode, which ensures a high degree of reliability and traceability of both materials and samples. The UNIQO 160 also covers incubated slides with a mounting medium and a cover glass to protect them from drying out – an important step to create desirable conditions for subsequent acquisition of high-quality fluorescence images.

Results Derived from Brilliant Fluorescence Images

Ideally suited for medium-throughput laboratories, the UNIQO 160 produces brilliant fluorescence images with its optical system’s autofocus feature and three automatically changing objectives (4x, 10x, 20x). Once captured, images are transmitted to the system’s EUROLabOffice 4.0 middleware for evaluation. The UNIQO 160 system is also compatible with the EUROPattern Classifier, expected to become available later this year. This forthcoming software platform uses state-of-the-art pattern classification based on artificial intelligence methods to aid in final evaluation and propose analytical results.

Prioritizing Safety and Performance Standards

In May 2023, EUROIMMUN received its certificate of compliance with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (EU IVDR). This regulation replaces the previous In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (IVDD) and mandates increased safety and performance requirements for manufacturers of invitro diagnostic medical devices offered within the European marketplace. The IVDR-compliant UNIQO 160 has been developed in accordance with these regulatory requirements.

The UNIQO 160 is the latest addition to EUROIMMUN’s portfolio of automated laboratory solutions, which also includes the EUROPattern Microscope Live, EUROLabWorkstation IFA and Sprinter XL systems. To learn more about these and other EUROIMMUN automated IFA solutions, visit this webpage.

About Revvity

At Revvity, “impossible” is inspiration, and “can’t be done” is a call to action. Revvity provides health science solutions, technologies, expertise and services that deliver complete workflows from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure. Revvity is revolutionizing what’s possible in healthcare, with specialized focus areas in translational multi-omics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening, detection and diagnosis, informatics and more.

With 2022 revenue of more than $3 billion and over 11,000 employees, Revvity serves customers across pharmaceutical and biotech, diagnostic labs, academia and governments. It is part of the S&P 500 index and has customers in more than 190 countries.

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